The “Gliding Bulgaria” team is composed of volunteers, glider and powered pilots with the common aim to bring together all aviation enthusiasts and develop gliding as a sport in Bulgaria.

Our goal is to inform the community of the news in the gliding world both in Bulgaria and around the world and to help everyone that wants to enter the world of gliding to find the most appropriate paht.

If you need more information on a topic, you want to share your experience in glider flying or just want to contact us you can do it trough our contact form.

Chief editor: Ivelin Kalushkov

“Gliding Bulgaria” Team:

Chief Editor: Ivelin Kalushkov

Ivelin flies gliders since 2017. Holds a ICAO GPL license form the Australian Gliding Federation and EASA SPL. Holder of 2 diamonds (distance and goal) on a gold FAI badge. Certified dual and basic aerobatic pilot, official FAI observer and delegate for Bulgaria. Personal record -575 km. Holder of the Bulgarian National record for FAI triangle distance – 555km.

Author and Editor: Samuil Kazakov

Flies gliders since 2018. Holder of ICAO and EASA SPL. Paraglider pilot since 2009.

Editor: Vanya Radulova

Flies gliders since 2017. Paragliding pilot since 2012.