Bulgaria currently has only one fully functional Declared Training Organisation (DTO) compliant to EASA norms and standards for glider pilot training. There are a few places where you can try gliding or experience the free flight :

  • Bblagoevo (Razgrad region) – Blagoevo airfield (LBBL) is situatednear the town ow Razgrad and it’s the main airfield for Ludogorie AeroClub.  The Aeroclub has a fleet of 2 two-seater planes – Twin Astir I and Bergfalke 3. The club operates mostly on aerotow but has winch operations as well. Since September 2019 – Ludogorie AeroClub is also the first DTO in the country. It conducts training for SPL according to EASA standards and is aprooved by the Bulgarian CAA. The club conducts both theoretical and practical training with the help of instructors from central Europe (Poland). The location of the club allows for big flatland cross-country flights in the Danube flatland. Dual flights are available all year round for those who wish to taste the magic of gliding.
  • Kzanlak (Ovoshtnik) – Kazanlak Airfield (LBKL) has always been one of the most active sport airfields in Bulgariaa. Currently the airfield is a base for many single and dual seater gliders mostly privately owned. The airfield is one of the main sport-flying centers in the country. Flights are conducted all year round as the area provides excellent conditions for all types of flying – flatlands, mountains, wave and soaring. The airfield is also a home base for powered aircraft training facilities.